Baby Changing Station Guide And Top 6

Hi everyone, welcome to our baby changing station guide and top 6 list. Whether you have no idea what a baby changing station is or just want to browse a few products we think you will find something helpful here.


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What Is A Baby Changing Station?

Well, in this case, it is pretty much exactly what it sounds like it would be. A station for changing your baby out of their dirty diapers. Instead of struggling to find a spot to change your little one you can always have a station ready. Alternatively, as a business owner, you are providing a readily accessible diaper changing station to your clients.

If you are a business owner we recommend looking up the laws on providing baby changing stations. You can find a good overview here at Smithsonian Mag but it does not deal with your local laws and should not be considered advice.

Why Not A Baby Changing Table?

Baby changing tables are great products if you have the space to dedicate. Baby changing stations are generally wall mounted and fold up when not in use. This means you don’t have a clunky piece of baby furniture taking up space in your home. This may result in less stubbed toes, that’s a plus!

As a business owner, it is fairly obvious why you wouldn’t place a baby changing table in your restrooms. I can safely say I have never been in a public restroom with the table style of the baby changer and can guarantee you don’t want to be the first either.

Aside from these two reasons, there is really no motive to stay away from a baby changing table.

Safety With A Baby Changing Station

Since these are wall mounted stations we can’t stress enough that you must have the wall looked at by a professional. The professional should also install the station. This goes for home or business use.

As a parent, the last thing you want is to place your most prized possession on a dangerous ledge that isn’t secured properly into the wall. Your home may not be suited for a baby changing station and that is 100% fine.

As a business owner, you really risk losing everything by having faulty equipment. I don’t think we need to walk you down the repercussions of having an incident because you skipped on professional work.

Other Tips:

Always inspect the station before and after each use. Over time mounts can loosen and cause a hazard.

Always keep an eye on your child. The baby changing station is not a place to put your child while you make coffee. It is a tool to make changing your infant easier, no more or less.

Fold up (if applicable) when not in use to avoid bumps and injuries. Not all stations fold up, but if yours does you should take advantage of the feature. Similarly, if you are using a public station you should have the same courtesy. We all get distracted and we’ve all bumped into things…it isn’t fun.

Types Of Baby Changing Stations

There are primarily two types of stations we will discuss below. Horizontal stations and Vertical stations.

Horizontal Baby Changing Stations:

With a horizontal baby changing station, the long edge will run horizontal to the wall. This takes up a bit more space but is generally considered more visually appealing. If you have space a horizontal model is a great choice.

Vertical Baby Changing Stations:

These stations are great for areas with less wall room. The long end runs up the wall instead of along it so you don’t need as much width. So if you are cramped up you’re definitely looking for the vertical style.

Top 6 Baby Changing Station

At long last, we are finally ready for the top 6 baby changing stations list. Enjoy!

  1) Koala Kare KB200-01 Horizontal Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station, Grey – Click To View On Amazon

As far as baby changing stations go, Koala Kare is one of if not the most trusted names in the business. The unit weighs approximately 25 pounds and can hold up to 200 pounds of weight. If you are in fact using this for a baby we can’t imagine you’d near the weight limit.

Aside from being functional, Koala Kare has gone out of the way with a nice design as far as baby changing stations go. We like the rounded edges and let’s be honest…who doesn’t love Koalas?

 2) ECR4Kids Horizontal Fold Down Commercial Baby Changing Diaper Station, White Granite – Click To View On Amazon

Another solid entry on our list, the ECR4Kids model weighs about 20 pounds and has a capacity of 125 pounds. It features bag hooks on each side with a weight capacity of 25 pounds each. This is a convenient feature for moms who constantly carry around their purse.

This baby changing station also folds when not in use, making it great for saving space.

  3) SafetyCraft Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station, Horizontal – Click To View On Amazon

The number three entry on our list is both heavy duty and light-weight. Weighing only approximately 15 pounds and holding up to 250 pounds when properly installed.

If we had to comment on the design we would say it’s certainly interesting. While we don’t really love or hate it, we do certainly admit it is unique. Another plus is that it does fold up, so overall a solid changing station.

 4) Continental 8252-H White Horizontal Baby Changing Station – Click To View On Amazon

Another solid choice as far as functionality goes. This changing station weighs about 16 pounds and holds a static load of up to 250 pounds. One really cool feature is the ability to open the station with one hand. This is due to pneumatic shocks.

As far as designs go this one is pretty run-of-the-mill. However, you will be hard-pressed to find something better in terms of functionality.

 5) Koala Kare KB10100 Standard Vertical Baby Changing Station, Cream – Click To View On Amazon

This is the second entry by Koala Kare on our list. We can’t lie…this is an appealing vertical style baby changing station. You’ll notice our top 4 entries were all horizontal, that should tell you something about this product placing 5th.

As far as product specifications go, this station weighs about 27 pounds and supports up to 55 pounds. While this may not seem like much compared to other models above, consider that at one-year-old the average baby boy weighs less than half that capacity.

 6) Rubbermaid Commercial Horizontal Baby Changing Station, 33.25-Inch Length x 21.5-Inch Width x 4-Inch Height, Light Platinum – Click To View On Amazon

This baby changing station weighs in at 22.4 pounds and is intended for use with infants under 50 pounds. While this isn’t a lot of weight capacity it is suitable for most needs.

Visually we find this one a little quirky. It has a unique shape and design but we actually kind of like it. It reminds us of a little robot sitting at a desk. Look for it…you’ll see it too!

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