Baby Play Mat Gym Guide And Top 8

If you’re like many parents out there, you are always on the lookout for ways to improve your baby’s development. A baby play mat gym can be an excellent way to stimulate the mind of your little one on a daily basis. You’re in luck if you don’t know much about these highly interactive toys as we will be kicking off with our guide. After that, get ready for what we feel are the best 8 products currently on the market.

It’s time to lay the baby down, have a cup of your favorite coffee or tea, dig into this guide and most importantly RELAX. Here we go!


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What Is A Baby Play Mat Gym?

Generally speaking, it is a playmat for babies that can come with a variety of features and in a variety of sizes. A baby play mat gym is generally square or rectangular but in some instances are other shapes as well. The best choices will have a large number of different features, an attractive design, and will be easy to set up or put away.

Potential Benefits Of A Play Mat Gym

play mat gym benefits

  • Potential Learning Development: Every parent wants to get a head start on the education of their child. After all, our ability to learn directly impacts our ability to grow throughout life. However, no matter how bad you may want your baby to jump right into classic literature it’s important to start at the beginning and work forward. A baby play mat gym can be a great way to start building the foundation of learning.
  • A Good Way To Bond: Playing together can be a great way for parent and child to bond. An educational toy is a much more interactive way to bond than say for instance, a movie. Instead of paying attention to a screen you will have the opportunity to pay attention to each other.
  • Convenient: As a parent, it is much easier to have one toy with many features than many toys with one. With the many options available it may be possible to fill many needs with a single purchase. In the long run, this can possibly save you some money.

What To Look For In A Baby Play Mat Gym

Baby Play Mat Gym Criteria

  • Features: There are a wide array of features and games available on the market when it comes to baby play mats. Some may feature games which introduce your baby to music, numbers, and/or the alphabet among other things. Some mats may be geared more towards puzzles or toy cars. It’s important to know the interests of your baby and choose an appropriate mat.
  •  Cost: Make sure to compare the cost of multiple mats. This will help you get the most features for your dollar. While we do encourage saving money, remember this is a purchase that can potentially replace several others so do your due diligence.
  • Trusted Name: We definitely aren’t saying to make a purchase on name alone. However, there is generally a reason certain brands have been in the baby industry for such a long time. You can usually be sure a good amount of research has been put into the production of a baby product from a trusted brand.
  • Visual Appeal: Another factor to consider is the visual appeal of the play mat to both you and your baby. The last thing you want is your main play center being an eyesore. Even worse, if it isn’t visually stimulating for your baby they may not show much interest in it. We suggest checking out this article by titled How Color Affects Your Baby.
  • Safety: As with any baby toy be sure to be aware of any small pieces that present a choking hazard. Always follow all product safety instructions and make sure to choose age-appropriate toys. Remember that baby safety isn’t optional.

Top 8 Baby Play Mat Gym List

Now that you know what an infant play mat gym is and some things you may be looking for, we are ready for our top 8 list.

Bright Starts Baby Play Mat Gym 1) Bright Starts 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play Activity Gym – Click To View On Amazon

This baby play mat gym goes 27.5 x 4.5 x 23.5 inches, so it doesn’t require significant space. Weighing about 4.8 pounds it should also be easy for most parents to maneuver. We feel there are two main draws to this particular product.

The first is that it has varied activities for your little one. The one we like most is the 20 minutes of melodies. We recommend our article Benefits Of Music On Baby Development if you would like more information on the impact of music on a child.

The second thing we like is the ability to fold the ends of the mat into a wall as pictured above. In fact, we really love the overall design of this Bright Starts product. The soft yet enticing color scheme looks good for parent and baby.

Some parents have noted the product as being small but the dimensions are listed, we can’t see how they would be a surprise.

Baby Einstein Baby Play Mat Gym 2) Baby Einstein 5-in-1 Journey of Discovery Activity Gym – Click To View On Amazon

The dimensions of this product are 47 x 40 x 18 inches, it will take up a bit of space in your playroom.

With Baby Einstein, you know you are getting a quality product with educational development in mind. The mat is padded so you know your baby will be able to sit and play in comfort. Users note that their babies love tummy time on this play mat gym due to its design work.

This mat can be turned into a ball pit by folding up the sides and using the ten colored balls. With so many great features it’s no surprise at #2 on our list.

Fischer-Price Baby Play Mat Gym 3) Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym – Click To View On Amazon

To start with, we love the colorful animal designs on this infant play mat. The elephant and monkey are not only adorable but quality as well. Babies who love animals should enjoy tummy time on this mat.

Apart from its design, we love the piano feature. Introducing your baby to music as early as possible is always a big plus in our book. Fisher-Price has included Smart Stages technology so the content can grow with your baby. The piano even detaches so your baby never has to leave the music behind.

Lovery Baby Play Mat Gym 4) The Play Gym By Lovery – Click To View On Amazon

When science and childhood development come together the results can be fantastic. Our favorite thing about this infant play gym is the thought behind it. According to its makers, this play mat gym has been tested and developed by experts in childhood development. This means every bit of the design and every toy included has been crafted to stimulate your baby.

One cool feature is the ability to convert the play gym into a small fort for your little one. It can potentially be beneficial for your baby to have a space to think of as their own. We all made blanket forts as a kid, finally an upgrade.

Skip Hop Baby Play Mat Gym 5) Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym/Playmat – Click To View On Amazon

The Skip Hop Baby Treetop infant play gym comes with a staggering 17 activities to choose from. We have to say our favorite feature has to be the sheer versatility of this product.

The design and textures have been inspired by nature, giving your baby their first glimpse and feel of the world around them. Aside from its nature theme it also has a baby mirror toy. The mirror can be removed when you are ready to wash the mat making it a fairly convenient addition as well.

Infantino Baby Play Mat Gym 6) Infantino Pond Pals Twist and Fold Activity Gym and Play Mat – Click To View On Amazon

Infantino has come through with a beautiful nature-themed design. This play mat features a baby teether that folds away when not in use. Tummy time should be fun for your baby due to the variety of different colors and shapes. The four contrast toys should encourage your baby to reach and crawl, these actions help develop motor skills.

While it may not have as many features as some baby play mat gym do, we feel it does the fundamentals well enough to deserve a place on our top 8 list.

Caterpillar Baby Play Mat Gym 7) Caterpillar & Friends Play Gym – Click To View On Amazon

The number 7 entry on our list of the best infant play mat gym features 25 minutes of classical music. Whether you believe in the effects of classical music on developing minds or not, we don’t think it can be bad to introduce it to your baby early on.

Tummy time should be fun for your baby with this nautically themed mat. Toys hand from the upper arms to encourage reaching and crawling, helping to develop motor skills.

The product goes 25 x 2.5 x 23 inches making it a bit small, but we feel it makes up for its size in other areas.

Tapiona Baby Play Mat Gym 8) Tapiona Play Gym For Baby Kick And Play Mat For Infants – Click To View On Amazon

If you’ve made it this far you’ve seen how we value musical features. This baby play mat gym includes a small piano keyboard for your baby. Aside from this, the play mat is adorable and should provide great tummy time for babies.

Tapiona includes five activity toys that can be hung up from the toy bar to promote crawling, reaching, and learning.


Conclusion On Baby Play Mat Gym

We really hope you enjoyed this post and learned something new as well. Now you are armed with knowledge and choices, the rest has to be up to you. Use your critical mind to do your own research and make the best possible choice. You can do it!

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