Baby Security Blanket Guide And Top 10

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What Is A Baby Security Blanket?

You may be wondering what a baby security blanket is and honestly…we can’t blame you. It’s one of the more useful but lesser known tools out there for making a baby feel safe.

The idea behind a security blanket is giving your child something familiar to hold on to during the night. In the early stages of transitioning to sleeping away from mommy and daddy, things can be quite difficult. Your baby definitely won’t want to leave your side but alas the time must eventually come.

The security blanket becomes what is known as an attachment object. This means it is something your baby feels safe around. We recommend this article on attachment objects by Baby Center.

A comfort item can be any number of objects but parents often turn to blankets for their convenience. You should introduce your baby to the blanket before moving them to their new setting. You don’t want the blanket to be just another strange new thing at night, you want familiarity.

What To Look For In Security Blankets For Babies.

Infant Security Blanket Guide Top 10

Sizing: The blanket should be sized as to not cause any hazard to your baby of being smothered and denied of air. At the same time, it must be large enough for your baby to feel comforted by it. Remember to always check product specifications for age and size ratings. With any baby product safety must always come first.

Comfort: This really goes without saying. You wouldn’t feel secure grabbing a cactus for security, would you? Of course not, so why would your baby feel secure grabbing on to a scratchy uncomfortable blanket? It can be hard to determine the texture of a blanket online. By reading many reviews you can make an informed decision when you are ready to buy.

Visual Appeal: This can really be broken down into two categories. Visual appeal to your baby and visual appeal to you as a parent. It must be visually stimulating enough for your baby to enjoy interacting with it. Most security blankets take this into account and stick with colors your baby will enjoy. Secondly, as a parent, you will want to make sure the blanket doesn’t clash with other room decors. Once a baby has an attachment item it isn’t easily gotten rid of.

Easy Cleaning: Babies are messy…bottom line. Since this is an item your child will hold on to for years it will definitely accumulate dirt. Having a material that is easy to clean can’t be overstated. Even the best baby security blanket won’t last long without proper cleanliness.

10 Best Baby Security Blanket Available

Deer Baby Security Blanket 1) Levtex Home Baby Deer Security Blanket – Click To View On Amazon

The best baby security blanket, in our opinion, is right here. This adorable baby dear is made from plush so your baby can nap in comfort. We also feel it has the visual appeal down. Some parents note their babies love to use the antlers as handles making it double as a sort of plush toy.

The dimensions of the blanket are approximately 12 inches by 12 inches making it suitable for small children. Having a cute face looking back at your baby makes this a solid choice for security.

Elephant Baby Security Blanket 2) Gerber Security Blanket, Elephant – Click To View On Amazon

When you hear Gerber you think babies. So why should it be surprising to see them ranked number two on this infant security blanket list?

This cute elephant is made from 100% polyester with a satin underside. Some people absolutely love the feel of polyester fabric while others do not. However, the satin underside is noted as being extremely soft so we can look past the polyester.

If you don’t like elephants we encourage you to check out the rest of this infant security blanket line by Gerber. There are many animal and color options available that you may enjoy more.

 Fawn Baby Security Blanket 3) Mary Meyer Character Blanket, Amber Fawn – Click To View On Amazon

A fanciful fawn ranks number three on our list. We simply love the attention to detail given to the speckles all across the blanket. It really gives this fawn the feel of a friend. Say that ten times fast! As far as design goes it really doesn’t get much better than this entry by Mary Meyer.

The underside is made of champagne satin so you know your baby is sleeping in quality fabric. This blanket goes 13 inches by 13 inches, not including the fawn face/huggable portion of the security blanket.

Bunny Baby Security Blanket 4) Jellycat Bashful Beige Bunny Soother Security Blanket – Click To View On Amazon

The Jellyfish security for blankets sounds like it would be ocean themed. Instead, this option (one of many) is an adorable bunny. Aside from being cute, the oversized ears make great handles for your baby to grab onto when they want a hug. While the coloring is rather subtle babies and bunnies just go together.

The blanket itself goes 18 inches by 13 inches and is made from 100% polyester. Both sides of the blanket are made from the same fabric. For safety, the eyes are stitching rather than buttons. However, you should still be inspecting the blanket before each use and wash to check for anything coming loose.

 Unicorn Baby Security Blanket 5) Carter’s Unicorn Cuddle Plush – Click To View On Amazon

If you’ve taken the time to read any of our other reviews, you know we are crazy for mythical creature themed baby products. This adorable plush baby security blanket is no exception.

The material is a soft polyester and the product dimensions are 10.2 x 3.5 x 12.6 inches. At this size, we have to say it is a little on the small side. However, it is still likely to be large enough for most babies. You will have to take your measurements of your baby to know for certain.

Overall, we really love the design of this infant security blanket despite it being a little smaller than average.

GUND Baby Security Blanket 6) Baby GUND Spunky Dog Lovey Stuffed Animal Plush Toy, Blue – Click To View On Amazon

This dog has spunk. Pun totally intended. This puppy is 16″ x  16″  x  4″ of soft adorableness and deserves a spot on our best baby security blanket list. The entire product including the underside is 100% polyester and is machine washable.

You can feel good about GUND products knowing the company has been in the plush industry for over 100 years. With history, cuteness, and a good size it’s not hard to see why Spunky Dog ranks #6 on our list.

 Giraffe Baby Security Blanket 7) Linzy Plush Animal Soft Snuggly Security Lovey with Rattle 13 ” Square (Blue Giraffe) – Click To View On Amazon

If you are looking for a more interactive blanket for your infant here is one you may want to give a look. The infant blanket is 13″ and square with a feature to keep your baby entertained. This can sometimes help a curious baby more quickly attach to the blanket.

On the downside, a rattle can be quite noisy. There is also the possibility it will keep your baby awake if they move around too much.  This aside, we think it’s an interesting feature that may be a fit for some parents.

Sheep Baby Security Blanket 8) Bearington Baby “Wee” Small Plush Security Blankie, Lovey – Click To View On Amazon

Sometimes good things do come in small packages. We feel that this very much applies to this baby security blanket. It may only be 8″ by 7″ but it’s still adorable and functional.

The eyes are stitched rather than buttoned for safety. The material is polyester and the overall design is adorable. What isn’t to love about this baby blanket?

 Koala Baby Security Blanket 9) Fluffy Koko the Koala Security Blanket – Click To View On Amazon.

Now your baby can take a trip to the nap-land down under this adorable koala security blanket. This security blanket for babies is BPA free and made from recycled material. Not only that but it is also recyclable itself for that day long down the road. You may end up deciding to keep it forever though, who are we kidding?

Its size is 12.5″x 8.25″ x 2.5″ making it fairly standard among infant security blankets.

Burts Baby Security Blanket 10) Burt’s Bees Baby – Hold Me Bee Lovey Plush, 100% Organic Cotton (Sunshine) – Click To View On Amazon

Being entirely honest, Burt’s Bees isn’t the first name that comes to mind when thinking of security blankets. That doesn’t make the product any less awesome though. The design is entirely fitting for the brand and there are a variety of colors to check out.

The blanket is 12×12 with a 3″ diameter bee for your baby to hold on to and play with. Burt’s Bees kept comfort in mind. They have done this using a 100% cotton shell with a 100% polyester filling to create a lightweight and breathable blanket.


After reading this guide we hope you feel armed with the knowledge to make an informed purchase. Remember to always do additional research and read all product specifications. An infant security blanket is certainly a tool that can help your little one cope with the big world around it.

If you’re interested in adding some additional help to nap time, we suggest The Best Hush Hat For Babies Guide. Thank you for taking the time to read! We can’t tell you enough how much we truly appreciate it.


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