The 10 Best Baby Activity Table You Need In Your Home

Which is the best baby activity table on the market? With all the different features available it can be almost impossible to choose. Here we have brought what we feel are the best baby activity table products to one page with our thoughts on them.


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Best Baby Activity Table 1) Style-Carry Musical Activity Table Baby Toys – View Best Baby Activity Table On Amazon

 We really feel Style-Carry has covered all bases with this product. Sometimes it isn’t about having one amazing feature but rather being consistent in all areas. That where we feel this baby activity table shines.

Why Is This The Best Baby Activity Table: Every knob, button, and slider on this baby activity table makes a different sound when your baby moves it. Just by beating on the center area of the table your baby can feel the rhythm and experience different lights. The lion opens up when sounds are made and contains a small mirror. We really love the musical element to this toy.

Negative: The blue and green plastic design may not suit everyone’s taste. We definitely think it could use a design upgrade. As far as functionality goes, however, we feel it makes up the gap.

 Best Baby Activity Table 2) Woby Activity Cube Educational Game Play Center – Baby Activity Table On Amazon

In our search for the best baby activity table, the Woby Activity Cube comes in second.

Why This Is The Second Best Baby Activity Table: There is interaction built into every inch of this cube. It features 15 different activities which range from tapping with a toy hammer to turning gears and pressing dials to make sounds and lights. It’s beating drum game is perfect for developing an interest in music early for your baby. We’ve read positive review after positive review of satisfied parents, enough that the Woby brand baby activity table is a solid second on our list.

Negative: Some users have noted issues with the microphone but others have said it’s entirely fine. We recommend doing your own research and picking the product you feel most comfortable with.

Best Baby Activity Table 3) IQ Series Letter Train Activity Table – Baby Activity Table On Amazon

The IQ Series baby activity table is a great choice for children who are just about ready to learn to recognize some of their alphabet and a little younger. Here are some of the positive features.

Why This Is The Third Best Baby Activity Table: An awesome alphabet table that will have your baby recognizing the 26 most influential letters in the world today. Bad attempt at humor? Also has a 5 note piano keyboard. If you keep up with our posts you know The Benefits Of Music On Baby Development. Another plus is the colorful design that should keep your baby visually stimulated. Well if it were perfect it would be the best baby activity table but alas it isn’t. Here are the negatives we found.

Negatives: Some users have reported sound glitches such as sounds looping without end when a latch is opened. However, not all users have reported this and it may be the case of a couple of faulty or damaged activity tables making it to customers rather than a flaw in the overall product. While the alphabet is in full force we feel the best baby activity table would also have numbers if going that route.

 Best Baby Activity Table 4) Pidoko Kids All-in-1 Multi-Activity Learning Center – Baby Activity Table On Amazon

The Pidoko baby activity table is made of wood in a world of plastic. That fact alone makes it endearing. Why do we like this table?

Why This Is The Fourth Best Baby Activity Table: Cute design with all sorts of animals and dinosaurs around the edges. Between the pictures are the letters of the alphabet to drill early letter recognition into your little one. It features a xylophone for your baby to experiment with and a drum with a wooden mallet to beat on. Add in some peekaboo doors and you are ready to go on an adventure of countless hours of fun.

Negatives: This table contains small parts and some users have noted their babies pulling beads off the table. Please be safe when using any toy with your baby and maintain constant supervision.

Best Baby Activity Table 5) Woby Kids Play and Learning Activity Desk 6 in 1 Game Table Activity Center – Baby Activity Table On Amazon

This is the second entry by Woby on our list of the best baby activity table. Here are the features we like.

Why This Is The Fifth Best Baby Activity Table: It’s hands-on games are meant to give your baby a head start on learning. Basic skills such as counting are made fun to encourage learning. There are many different visually stimulating images and colors for your little one. This will encourage interaction with the baby activity table. It also has features to help your baby learn animal sounds as well as names. A good all-around product.

Negatives: This activity table is a little bit on the small side. Babies are small though so we don’t see this as a big problem.

Best Baby Activity Table6) Fisher-Price Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Space – Baby Activity Table On Amazon

The number 6 baby activity table isn’t much of a table at all, is it? Well, it still has many of the same learning features so let us make a case for its spot on our list.

Why This Is The Sixth Best Baby Activity Table: An awesome futuristic design by one of the best-known names in baby toys. It features a touch bar that reacts to your baby with lights and sound. It features a cool dance mode, a piano mode and also teaches the alphabet. This baby activity table has a lot of features we encourage you to check out for yourself.

Negatives: You can’t be the best baby activity table if you don’t resemble a table. Maybe it’s a table from future…regardless it’s still a quality learning device that had to make our list.

Best Baby Activity Table 7) Discovering Music Activity Table – Baby Activity Table On Amazon

We love music for baby development on this site, our name gives it away. So you can probably guess why this made our best baby activity table list.

Why This Is The Seventh Best Baby Activity Table:  This table introduces your baby to music and some unique music at that. It features piano, guitar, drum and french horn sounds. The French Horn is definitely a unique option not found in many baby tables. It can also be used in three languages, those being English, Spanish, and French. We especially like that this toy is centered around your baby making their own music they enjoy.

Negatives: Might be a little loud for some parents and taking away a loved toy can cause crying.

Best Baby Activity Table 8) Hape Coral Reef Wooden Activity Center Table – Baby Activity Table On Amazon

This table is recommended for babies entering their toddler years at 2 years of age. Still though a beautiful and fun addition to the list.

Why This Is The Eighth Best Baby Activity Table: Beautifully designed activity center with mazes, puzzles and various games for your child.

Negatives: For ages 2+ so this wouldn’t be a good choice for a very young child.

Best Baby Activity Table 9) VTech Magic Star Learning Table – Baby Activity Table On Amazon

VTech is one of the best-known names in educational toys for a reason. It wouldn’t be a true list without their entry.

Why This Is The Ninth Best Baby Activity Table: One cute feature we like is the ability to use the steering wheel to drive a little bear around the table. This baby activity table is interactive at every turn and is recommended for ages 6 months and up.

Negatives: The pink is very girl oriented.

Best Baby Activity Table 10) LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table Activity Center – Baby Activity Table On Amazon

Here we are at our final stop on the list of best baby activity tables. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed it.

Why This Is The Tenth Best Baby Activity Table: It plays the itsy bitsy spider…that is enough for us. Kidding. This baby activity table is meant to get your child moving to sounds and to encourage learning. With many features we recommend you check out its a worthy addition to our list.

Negatives: Slightly bland design and not too many bells and whistles.

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