The Best Baby Headphones For Music

Welcome to our section on the best baby headphones for music. Here you will find what we believe are the best baby headphones available on the market.  We will start with a very brief FAQ followed by our favorites. If you stumbled here looking for baby headphones for noise cancellation we suggest you check our page titled: Baby Noise Canceling Headphones


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Why  Do I Need Baby Headphones For Music?

Music is one of the oldest forms of entertainment in the world and one of the most widespread as well. When you expose your baby to music you are not only exposing them to positive culture but also potentially aiding brain development. We recommend you check out this awesome post we found on titled How Music Helps Brain Development In Infants.

What Features Should I Look For In Baby Headphones For Music?

The most important feature you are looking for is a volume limiter. If you do not see a volume limiter listed under the product features you need to be moving on. The absolute last thing a parent wants to happen is an accident with the volume controls permanently damaging their child’s hearing.

Another feature you will always want is an adjustable headband. They grow up so quick…it’s not just a saying. It’s torment for any parent who has to continuously buy new clothes their baby grows out of. Unless you want to buy a new pair of headphones every few months we suggest adjustable headbands.

What Age Range Are Baby Headphones For Music Aimed Towards?

Always check the individual product for age suitability. Most products in this category are for children approaching or over two years old. Always make sure it will be safe and comfortable for your baby to wear headphones by following all of the product instructions listed by the manufacturer.

How Can I Tell If My Infant Or Child Is Comfortable In Their Baby Headphones For Music?

As with all baby products you should always keep a close eye on your child when using baby headphones for music. Especially if you are just beginning to use them for the first time. While babies can’t talk to us, they certainly are good at letting us know when they don’t like something. Use your best parenting judgment, follow product directions, and always make safety a top priority.

Our Favorite Baby Headphones For Music

We have brought some of the better baby headphones all to one place for you. We hope you enjoy our list! Please note they are numbered for organization purposes not ranking.

 LilGadgets Baby Headphones For Music 1) LilGadgets Connect+ Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones with SharePort for Children – Blue – Baby Headphones For Music On Amazon

We love the coloring of these bright blue baby headphones by LilGadgets. They are volume limited to 93db which is a little bit on the higher end compared to most headphones for children. One major advantage to this pair of baby headphones for music is it features a design that won’t require a splitter to use another pair of headphones.

Some users do report that these baby headphones run a bit small. However, others report a fit for sizes all the way up to adult. This product is recommended for ages 2-8 years old and we suggest doing your own research.

 Bunny Baby Headphones For Music 2) Kids Headphones, Bunny Ear Headphones Wired On Ear with Music Sharing Function – Baby Headphones For Music On Amazon

Who doesn’t want a baby with bunny ears? Now you can mix two of the cutest things on Earth (babies and bunnies) with music. Its color scheme is aimed more towards little girls and will go with most outfits. The volume maxes out at 85db which is standard for most baby headphones for music.

This product is rated for ages 4+

Mpow Baby Headphones For Music 3) Mpow Kids Headphones with 85dB Volume Limited Hearing Protection & Music Sharing Function – Baby Headphones For Music On Amazon

This pair of baby headphones features an adorable panda on the side of the earmuff. They are volume limited to 85db in order to protect the hearing of your child. The headband is adjustable to fit your child and the gender-neutral color scheme makes them perfect for boys and girls.

Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with just admitting you like the cute panda.

Baby Headphones For Music 4) Kids Headphones, HD30 Volume Limiting Children Headset with Microphone – Baby Headphones For Music On Amazon

First of all, we love these sleek purple headphones. The white trim accentuates them just enough and they are fashion friendly.

Secondly, these baby headphones for music are limited to 85db like most other brands. They are made to be compatible with most laptops and tablets but as always check product specifications.

 iClever Baby Headphones For Music 5) iClever Kids Headphones – Wired Headphones for Kids – Baby Headphones For Music On Amazon

These are definitely the sleekest entry on our list. Beautiful black and blue design that screams high-end fashion. The one downside to this entry is that its volume limiter goes up to 94db. This makes it ideal for older children rather than babies. It is versatile with a 3.5mm aux, making it compatible with most devices. Check product specifications before your purchase.

Another thing we do wish is that they were wireless. However, we feel these headphones make up for it in other ways.

Snug Baby Headphones For Music 6) Snug Plug n Play Kids Headphones for Children DJ Style (Blue) – Baby Headphones For Music On Amazon

We love the all blue design on these baby headphones, perfect for any boy or girl. They will match vibrant outfits and have your child looking stylish.

One major drawback is there is no volume limiter. This product is not intended for small babies but rather ages 3+ at the minimum. Please see this article by the CDC which has a section on protecting your developing baby from noise. The article can be found by clicking here.

iClever Baby Headphones For Music7) iClever Kids Headphones – Headphones for Kids, 85db Volume Limiting – Baby Headphones For Music On Amazon

The black and blue bat inspired theme is perfect for these headphones. They are perfectly suited for use around the house or dressing up a little outside the home. The coloring and patterns are done with attention to detail and quality.

Furthermore, unlike the previous iClever entry on this page, this pair comes with volume limiting at 85db. Due to this, this we feel better about including it.