Best Toddler Headphones On The Market

On this page, you will find our top picks for toddler headphones and an overview of each selection. These entries are separated and ranked based on a few criteria including safety, design, and what we have seen others saying about these products in our research. A high-end user satisfaction rating goes a long way towards a higher ranking on our list.


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Frozen Toddler Headphones 1) Frozen Headphones for Kids with Built-in Volume Limiting Feature for Kid-Friendly Safe Listening – Toddler Headphones On Amazon

This pair of toddler headphones features graphics from the popular movie Frozen. Due to the design choice, young fans will be thrilled to wear their favorite character while listening to music. Though targeted towards girls, the color scheme is fairly gender neutral. However, the snowflake decorations at the top may be a bit much for those of you with boys. If you aren’t a fan of Frozen these toddler headphones actually come in a variety of designs featuring your toddlers’ favorite characters.

As far as features and compatibility go you will get all of the most important ones in our opinion. These are a volume limiter, adjustable headband, and compatibility with most devices. Please make sure your intended device will be compatible before purchasing.

Mumba Toddler Headphones 2) Kids Headphones, Mumba Volume Limited Over-Ear Headphones, 85 Safe-Listening Adjustable Headsets with Microphone for Kids Children (Pink) – Toddler Headphones On Amazon

Another pair of safe toddler headphones with a great design on our list. We love the pink design, but if you aren’t sold yourself we recommend you check out the other two available colors – purple and yellow/green. These pink headphones are perfect for any little girl and should match most existing wardrobes. They may not have a character branded on the side but this design will definitely appeal to young girls.

Functionally, they are as good as any on our list. They feature a noise limiter that keeps the volume to a safe 85db when in use. These headphones have even been designed with a flat cord to help prevent knotting and tangling. Mumba has definitely gone for user-friendliness with this product and we think it’s a success.

Paw Patrol Toddler Headphones 3) Paw Patrol Kids Headphones by CozyPhones – Toddler Headphones On Amazon

We love this product, whether you are a fan of Paw Patrol or just like toddler headphones with dogs these are adorable. The headband style of these headphones can make them an excellent fashion accessory rather than just another pair of headphones.

The volume limiting feature keeps these headphones below a maximum of 90db. This little higher than most toddler headphones but not outrageous and still safe. One major advantage of this product is definitely its removable headphones. This means the headband is washable, anyone with a toddler knows a mess is never far off.

 Thomas Toddler Headphones 4) Thomas and Friends 30385 Kid Safe Over the Ear Headphone w/Volume Limiter by Sakar – Toddler Headphones On Amazon

All aboard the train to entertainment. If your toddler is a fan of either Thomas and Friends or trains generally we think they will love these toddler headphones. The color scheme and design are entirely unisex, though you can say the target audience is young boys. These toddler headphones should match most any outfit with reds, blues, or greens.

Volume is limited to 80% of the maximum audio available. Please see product details for more information on how exactly this works. The stereo jack is 3.5mm making it compatible with most devices. As always check individual device specifications. All in all, we feel these are a pair of safe toddler headphones.

 Blue Toddler Headphones 5) Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Kids – BuddyPhones PLAY – Toddler Headphones On Amazon

If we had to give a name to this color it would be – perfect for your little baby-blue. We really love the solid one color design on these toddler earmuffs and feel they will go with most outfits.

As far as features go these headphones have one that set them apart. Instead of simple volume limiting options, these toddler headphones let you choose from three settings. The three options are 75db, 85db, or 94db. Make sure you are using the proper setting for your toddlers’ age.

Aside from noise reduction this pair of headphones also includes an adjustable headband, Bluetooth compatibility, and have hypoallergenic ear cushions.

Mickey Toddler Headphones 6) Disney Mickey Mouse Mouska-riffic Junior Kid Friendly Volume Reduced Youth Stereo Headphones – Toddler Headphones On Amazon

If you are a fan of the classics and want your toddler to be too, these may be the perfect match for you. It doesn’t get much more iconic than Mickey smiling on the side of your toddler headphones. The black and red design is unisex and shouldn’t be an issue to match with clothing.

The headphones are adjustable and feature volume limiting, remember any pair of toddler headphones without these features isn’t entirely safe for children! Especially without supervision.

LED Toddler Headphones 7) Riwbox WT-7S Bluetooth Headphones, LED Light Up Wireless Foldable Stereo Headset with Microphone and Volume Control – Toddler Headphones On Amazon

Whats pink, hip, and comes with volume control? Obviously the number 7 entry on our list of toddler headphones. We like the soft pink and think these will make a stylish choice for little girls.

We all know to be a pair of safe toddler headphones there must be volume limiting control. The limiter on this pair allows up to 108db making it the highest entry on our list in terms of volume. This means the headphones should be used on an older toddler.

Aside from volume limiting, you can also expect LED lights that can be turned off to save battery. These headphones are wireless and require Bluetooth compatible devices to connect. Please see product specifications to determine if your device is compatible.

 Troll Toddler Headphones 8) Trolls Poppy Kid Friendly Headphones with Built-in Volume Limiting Feature for Kid-Friendly Safe Listening – Toddler Headphones On Amazon

Who told you a troll has to be something ugly? We would go as far as to say these headphones are pretty darn cute. Now your little one can have troll hair and safe toddler headphones all in one.

As far as volume limiting goes it comes with three settings to choose from. High, medium, and low. The back packaging also contains details on which setting to use with which devices. In the end, this one really depends on how you feel about trolls huh?

Pink Cat Toddler Headphones 9) Kids Headphones Cat Ear Headphones LED Flashing Lights (Pink) – Toddler Headphones On Amazon

What little girl doesn’t want a pair of pink LED glowing kitty ear headphones? Okay so there may be a -few- out there, but this pair of toddler earphones is bound to be a hit with most. You shouldn’t have trouble finding something to match in your princesses wardrobe.

Unfortunately, these don’t appear to have volume limiting technology so it’s hard to give them a full recommendation. If you decide to go with these headphones make sure your child is old enough to understand proper volume levels and provide supervision.

 Toddler Headphones Green 10) Puro Sound Labs JuniorJams Over-Ear Headphones Wireless Foldable Kids Earphones with Bluetooth, Volume Limiting, Lightweight and Noise Isolation – Toddler Headphones On Amazon

These stylish green and white toddler headphones take the last slot on our list. If you aren’t a fan of this color combination there are several others to choose from.

Puro kids headphones are safe with volume limiting technology so we can feel good about putting them on the list. Make sure the device you plan to use these with is Bluetooth compatible as these toddler headphones are wireless. Nothing would be worse than receiving a pair of headphones you’ve been waiting anxiously for just to find out they don’t fit!