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As with most baby products, there are a million products out there all claiming to be the best breast pump. We think you will agree it can be hard to find quality products you can trust with so many choices. Heck, some of you out there may not even be sure if a breast pump is right for you. Rest assured that at Best Baby Headphones we have your back. If you aren’t interested in our guide you can scroll down to see our favorite products.


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What Is A Breast Pump?

A breast pump is a device used by women who are producing milk and either can’t breastfeed or need a convenient alternative.

For some mothers, it may be hard to have enough milk on demand at all times for breastfeeding. In this situation, a breast pump is used to extract milk into a container, such as a bottle, which is then stored for later use.

Another nifty use is for working mothers who would prefer to leave breast milk with the caregiver. This is a great way to ensure your baby is getting proper nutrition when you aren’t available. This holds especially true for parents who shy away from formula.

How Is A Breast Pump Powered?

There are hand and foot-powered pumps which won’t require electricity. These are great for use on the go because you won’t need to plug in. On the downside, it can be exhausting to use this type of model constantly

The second type of pumps we will discuss are powered by electricity. These are useful in the home or potentially at the office. They aren’t very convenient for use on the go and you will probably want a hand/foot operated or battery model if you are planning to use your breast pump at say…the playground.

The final type of breast pump we will discuss is battery powered. These are a sort of hybrid of the two types listed above. These pumps combine the ease of an electric pump with the mobility of a hand/foot pump. The downside will be your constant spending on batteries which really can add up over time.

Why Not Cow Milk?

While milk is a dietary staple of most Americans, it’s not nearly as easy to digest for babies as breast milk or even formula. In fact, according to this article by ABC  60% of adults can’t even digest milk.

Aside from digestibility, the simple fact is that cow milk is intended to help nurture baby cows. While we may share up to 80% of our DNA with cattle, your baby has vastly different nutritional needs than a calf does. The amounts of protein, iron, and other vital nutrients are off. This means your baby will be getting sub-optimal nutrition.

Why Not Use Formula?

In times past it was considered perfectly fine to feed your baby formula. Now things are changing, many parents have sworn off formula entirely for reasons too numerous to list here. We will discuss a few here, but we suggest doing your own research.

More Infections: It seems that babies who are raised mainly on formula may have weaker immune systems.

Less Bonding: You aren’t giving your baby something you created for them. Nourishing your baby is part of the bond of being a mother.

Less Nutritious: While easier to digest and more nutritious than cow milk, many baby formula brands still use cow proteins. No matter how you slice it these formula products won’t be as nutritious as a mothers milk.

How To Select A Breast Pump

Luckily picking a breast pump doesn’t have to be complicated. By using these criteria as a guideline you should be able to make an informed decision.

Determine Your Needs: Will you be using this somewhere you have access to a plug? Do you know which type is right for you and your needs as a mother?

Read Reviews: You can start by scrolling down and reading ours. However, the more you know about a product the better decision you can make regarding your purchase.

Always Buy A Trusted Name: There is usually a reason a baby brand is trusted. Safety over a continued period of time is pretty much an industry requirement after all.

Purchase From A Reputable Vendor: Preferably somewhere you can return the product if you aren’t satisfied.

Make Sure To Select The Right Size Breast Shield: Not every woman is the same size and not every breast shield will be right for you. Make sure you are sizing appropriately.

Our Top 10 Best Breast Pump List

Well, you’ve either read all about breast pumps or wanted to skip right down to our list of the top breast pumps available. Either way, we are here to please. Enjoy!

 10th  Best Breast Pump 10) New Pal Silicone Breast Pump with Lid 100% Food Grade Silicone – Click To View On Amazon

This pump is fairly simple because it isn’t much of a pump at all. However, it is in the same spirit as a breast pump and accomplishes the same job. What do we mean? The New Pal is attached to the opposite breast from which your baby is nursing on. It then collects milk that would have gone to waste by spilling. It doesn’t sound like much but can be up to a few ounces of milk per feeding.

9th  Best Breast Pump 9) NatureBond Silicone Breast Pump – Click To View On Amazon

This entry is thanks to NatureBond, who has been in the industry for over 20 years. That means you can check that criterion off your checklist.

This pump is of the manually powered variety. Meaning you will have to pump yourself. It does stay attached hands-free so you can focus on your little one with at least one arm. Overall we feel this is a valuable addition to our list.

8th  Best Breast Pump 8) Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump – Click To View On Amazon

With this double electric breast pump, you can possibly cut your milk pumping time in half. This is especially true if you are going from manual pumping. Your poor hands will finally be able to relax!

Lansinoh has designed this product to go straight from the pump into a milk bag. Special care has been taken to prevent mold and bacteria buildup from stray milk in the motor. Having been in business over 30 years you know they are doing something right.

 7th Best Breast Pump 7) Spectra Baby USA – S2 Plus Premier Electric Breast Pump – Click To View On Amazon

We love this breast pump because of the fact it can be used on one or both breast. This means you can use it while feeding or while away from home. The Spectra Baby breast pump is battery operated so keep that in mind.

Users note it has a more natural suckling feel than many other pumps which feel as though they are pulling. This is a major plus for any mothers with sensitive skin.

6th Best Breast Pump 6) Gland Rechargeable Breastfeeding Pump – Click To View On Amazon

This pump can switch between single and double breast function and is electrically powered. You will need to be somewhere you can plug in if you need to recharge. It makes our best breast pump list because it is great at home or on the go.

We love that it offers mothers are incredible 36 levels of suction. This means you can adjust it to a setting you find comfortable, definitely a plus and something that sets it apart from the other best breast pump on our list.

5th Best Breast Pump 5) Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump – Click To View On Amazon

Safe, BPA free and made by one of the most trusted names – Phillips. This pump is made to be used on both breasts simultaneously. It simulates the suckling of an infant to both extract milk and be sensitive on the breast.

It features a soft cushion for more added comfort and is electrically powered. Overall a great addition to the list.

4th  Best Breast Pump 4) Momcozy Electric Double Breast Pump – Click To View On Amazon

Though electric, this double electric breast pump by Momcozy is great for use on the go due to its rechargeable battery. It features 16 pump suction settings as well as a digital readout. It was designed with backflow in mind, meaning it prevents drippage into the motor.

 3rd Best Breast Pump 3) IKARE Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump – Click To View On Amazon

There are plenty of options with the IKARE breast pump, 45 in fact. That is the number of suction settings on this pump. Fairly easy to see why it would rank so highly on our list.

We encourage you to read the instructions on how to use replaceable kits. This will allow for use by multiple moms without cross-contamination occurring.

The final feature we will discuss is its quiet motor.  Compared to similar brands users note it runs rather silent.

 2nd Best Breast Pump 2) QQCute Breast Milk Pump – Click To View On Amazon

QQCute is just as the name suggests, adding a flair of style to our best breast pump list. Aside from that, it has one unique feature we really like – the ability to recharge the battery via USB. Its portability, sleek design and functionality make it a solid #2 on the list.

Best Breast Pump 1) Cimilre S1 Safe Vibration Portable Double Electric Breast Pump – Click To View On Amazon

Congratulations on making it down to the single best breast pump available. Whether you skipped down or read diligently give yourself a pat on the back from us!

This double breast pump is electrically powered and rechargeable for on the go use. It has a very nice design and retains high functionality. Its digital readout is clear so you won’t have to strain your eyes.


Thank you for taking the time to read our guide and best breast pump list. Choosing the best breast pump available is a goal every mother can achieve with a little patience and effort put into product research. Have a wonderful day wherever and whenever you are reading this.


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