Best Teething Toys For Babies: Guide and Top 20

There are quite likely thousands of teething toys on the market. Each brand will claim to carry the best teething toys for babies, but how do you know which is telling the truth?

I think you’ll agree that in our age of advertising these are actually difficult questions to answer. Thankfully we have made this nifty little buying guide complete with links to the top 20 products and a short overview on each.


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What Is A Baby Teething Toy?

Every parent knows it’s very painful when their child first starts to grow in teeth. A baby teething toy is designed to take away some of that pain while also providing sensory stimulation. Babies are known to bite when teething, not because they are vicious but because they are seeking relief. Having a baby teething toy available at all times can be a huge benefit to a cranky baby.

Criteria: Selecting The Best Teething Toys For Babies

Safety: Safety should always come first with your baby. There are a few considerations you need to take into account. Is the teething toy made with food/medical grade materials? It is going into your babies mouth after all.

A second safety consideration would be whether or not any small parts may come off. This scenario would present a choking hazard. Remember to always keep an eye on your baby when they are using anything that goes into their mouth.

Aesthetics: Most babies appreciate bright, vivid colors. A well-designed toy of any kind appeals visually to its target audience. Your baby is no different. If you buy them things they want to interact with…they will interact with them. Not to mention the stimulation a baby’s brain receives from this interaction. As you can see when it comes to the best teething toys for babies…design is also educational.

Freezer-Friendly: The best teething toys for babies are freezer-friendly. This is a feature that allows the toy to numb your infant’s mouth. This is an especially important feature because you want to alleviate as much of your little one’s pain as possible

Durability: This can be tough to gauge without actually buying a product. One method of checking durability is to read as many customer reviews as possible. If you are able to get a feel for what others think of the product you can make an informed decision.

Dishwasher Safe: This is really a feature for the parent. Having an easy-to-clean baby teething toy is optimal. You will want to wash it one way or another after every use. Always make sure to keep teething toys clean.

The 20 Best Teething Toys For Babies

If you’ve made it this far you are probably ready to look at a few of the best teething toys for babies. Here are the 20 selections we like most based on the criteria above. Click on the link to see more product features.

Baby Teether 1) Lil’ Teethers Baby Teething Toy – Click To View On Amazon

This teething toy is made with 100% safe materials for your baby. Not to mention it is downright adorable. Also freezer friendly. We really like the craftsmanship of the acorn and the grip is a good size without disrupting the design.

Squirrel Best Teething Toys For Babies 2) Baby Teething Toys by Autsmile Squirrel Teether – Click To View On Amazon

We like the cute tail and ears. No details were overlooked in the design. We believe introducing your baby to cute animals can help them understand and appreciate nature. We aren’t so fond of the eyes, however. That is the one thing we would change.

Dino Best Teething Toys For Babies3) BBBiteMe Dinosaur Baby Teether – Click To View On Amazon

Not all dinosaurs are ferocious. In fact, this BPA free baby teething toy is quite the opposite. This teether is soft and comes with a case for storage when not in use. Some users have noted the cord it comes with may be a potential choking hazard. Always take safety very seriously when it comes to your baby.

Carrot Best Teething Toys For Babies 4) Infantino Good Bites Textured Carrot Teether – Click To View On Amazon

We can’t promise that this toy will give your baby a lifelong love of vegetables but maybe it’s a step in the right direction. The bright orange should engage your baby and the double handles make it easy to hold. Something about the eyes makes us not trust this guy though. He looks a little worried.

Unicorn Best Teething Toys For Babies 5) Baby Teething Toy, Bestwin Bendable & Freezer friendly Unicorn Teethers – Click To View On Amazon

We love mythical creatures and that includes unicorns. The mane and tail are overflowing with colorful patterns that should keep your baby engaged. As with all of the best teething toys for babies, this toy is BPA free.

Baby Teething Mittens 6) Nibblit Baby Teething Mitten – Click To View On Amazon

This teether actually fits over the hand of your baby and is worn like a mitten. This is convenient for babies who either have a hard time holding or like throwing objects. We like the cute design of the mitten and think it’s a great addition to the list.

Watermelon Best Teething Toys For Babies 7) Dr. Brown’s Coolees Soothing Teether, Watermelon – Click To View On Amazon

Another great baby teething product, this one is making us crave some watermelon. It is made to reach every bit of your babies mouth and can be frozen with no liquid inside. This product is a hard teether and recommended for children over 3 months of age.

Elephant Best Teething Toys For Babies 8) Silicone Elephant Teether – Click To View On Amazon

For some reason babies and elephants just…go together. This adorable bright blue elephant teether is BPA free and freezer friendly. This teether markets itself as being very easy to hold and as being sized to prevent choking.

Giraffe Best Teething Toys For Babies 9) Tinabless Baby Teether Toy Teething Pacifier Chew Rings for Babies – Click To View On Amazon

This cute giraffe places ninth on our list of the best teething toys for babies. We like the unique long-neck ridged design. The tail section has a ring that can be used for a pacifier clip, which is pretty neat. One negative is that this toy is not made to be chilled.

Cookie Best Teething Toys For Babies 10) BEBE Cookie Teethers & Gum Massagers, 1 Hard & 1 Soft – Click To View On Amazon

This toy is sort of the opposite of the carrot earlier on the list. You certainly won’t be introducing your child to healthy eating habits. We’d be lying if we said these didn’t look delicious. One of the cookies is hard and the other is soft, this gives your baby options a gives this teether some versatility.

Nntendo Best Teething Toys For Babies 11) Bumkins Silicone Baby Teether, Nintendo, Game Boy – Click To View On Amazon

We have to admit the design of this baby teething toy may be more for the parent than baby. Who wants their child growing up not knowing the glory of the Game Boy in some form? It can’t play games or bring back your youth but it certainly rings nostalgic.

Star Best Teething Toys For Babies 12) Bazzle Baby Chew Mitt, Stars on Pink – Click To View On Amazon

Another baby teething mitten. We like the textures and star design of this mitten. In case you were wondering how it stays on – velcro. The velcro strap will help size this toy to your baby’s hand. You can also rest assured that this mitten is made with baby safe material.

Fruit Best Teething Toys For Babies 13) Baby Teether Toys (4 Pack) – Soft Silicone Fruit Teething Toys Set For Toddlers & Infants, Baby Gum Massager by Ashtonbee – Click To View On Amazon

A pack of four fruits that all look delicious. The number 13 entry on our best teething toys for babies list is also freezer and dishwasher safe. These teething toys scream summer to us for some reason, and we love it!

Cactus Baby Teething Glove 14) Munch Mitt Teething Mitten the Original Mom Invented Teething Toy – Click To View On Amazon

This baby teething glove may look like a cactus but don’t worry it isn’t prickly! Honestly, we just really like the design on this one. So unique and original it deserves a spot on the list.

Banana Best Teething Toys For Babies 15) Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether – Click To View On Amazon

Introducing the first training toothbrush teether on our list. The idea is that if it is going in your babies mouth then why not serve a secondary purpose? Make sure to clean after every use, especially if using this teether with toothpaste.

Keys Best Teething Toys For Babies16) Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys – Click To View On Amazon

For some odd reason, babies love keys. We aren’t sure why but they just do. The number 16 entry on our list of the best teething toys for babies is freezer-friendly and should be colorful enough to stimulate your baby.

Animal Best Teething Toys For Babies 17) Nuby Rattle Pals Teether, Styles May Vary – Click To View On Amazon

The animal designs of these Nuby teethers are top notch. Doubling as a rattle toy is just an awesome bonus. The reason this teether is rated so low is simply that you don’t know what you are getting. Styles vary and so while they are all great in our eyes it makes it difficult to rate them higher.

Pacifier Best Teething Toys For Babies 18) RaZbaby RaZ-Berry Silicone Teether/Multi-texture Design/Hands Free Design/Red – Click To View On Amazon

We like that this baby teether doubles as a pacifier. Nothing flashy about the design but a solid product function wise.

8 Best Teething Toys For Babies 19) Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 Teether – Click To View On Amazon

The best feature of this teether? It has many different ridges and colors to stimulate your baby. Secondly, the fact it is shaped to effectively help ease pain in hard to reach areas is a plus.

Bracelet Best Teething Toys For Babies 20) Designer Teething Beads Bracelet – Click To View On Amazon

The last entry on our list is a pretty pink teething bracelet. It is convenient that it cant be thrown off and we like the details of the flowers. Make sure your baby will fit in the bracelet before purchasing.


Best Teething Toys For Babies Conclusion:

Really hope you enjoyed the list and found something you like! There are so many great products out there it was hard to choose just 20!

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