Does Music Soothe Your Baby? How Parents Can Sleep Like One At Night

This is a question that runs through every parents’ mind. Music as an art has been known for thousands of years to be able to soothe human beings in general. It may be just the beats or the words, but all in all, music has a way of calming a person down. At times, it might seem as if your baby just can’t settle for a nap. Whether it’s an afternoon nap or it’s in the middle of the night. As cute as babies are, the crying and fussing can frustrate you especially if you have tried all ways, to soothe your little angel. But, have you ever tried music to soothe your baby?

Music is capable of calming your baby and making him/her fall into deep slumber. You won’t have to worry anymore about rocking him/her to sleep every night. Picture this: it’s time to go to bed. Fit him/her into his/her favorite pajamas and lay the baby on the bed. Play some music. Your baby will notice the music, and it will calm him/her down, and within no time the baby will fall deep asleep. Moreover, if your baby falls asleep with ease, you can be ensured that he/she will enjoy a beauty sleep non-stop till the next morning.

Is Music Really Beneficial to My Child?

Well yes, it is. Just think of the moments that you are feeling low, angry or moody. Does music help you calm down? Whether it’s country music, rock, hip-hop or any other genre, music has a way of making things better. Now, this is also the same effect that music will have on your child.

Ever since time in memorial, lullabies have been used to help infants fall asleep much faster. If you have a younger brother or sister, then you can bear witness how your mom or dad used to sing lullabies to your sibling till they would fall asleep. I often recall how my mom and dad would take turns in singing lullabies to my younger brother back in the day. I would literally laugh at my dad’s heavy voice singing a song. Funny enough, these lullabies would work, and my brother would gently sleep till the next day.
Additionally, music is also suitable for premature babies. Research shows that music is capable of normalizing the heartbeat of premature babies and even aid in increasing weight gain.

Another benefit of music, other than soothing your baby, it’s capable of creating a special bond between you and your kid. Do you recall a song that your mum or dad used to sing to you when you were young? Well, if you do, that is a special bond that was built between you and your parent, thanks to music. You can also do the same for your child by playing him or her music. Never underestimate the power of singing to your child. Not only will it make him/her calm, but music has a way of helping you relieve stress and relax your mind.
How Do I Incorporate Music into My Child’s Life?

Making music a part of your child’s life is quite simple, you only need a few tips.
Find the Right Music
Now, if you have decided to incorporate music into your child’s life, you will need to get your hands on the appropriate music. The music has to be gentle and calming. The beats should be slow in a way that they will help your child fall into deep slumber right away. You can find most baby lullaby songs online.

Here are some examples:

Classical Music
Classical music can do just the trick. It has been used by a lot of parents to help soothe their young ones. Classical music does contain some characteristics that make it an ideal type of music for kids. For instance, the beats and drums are consistent. An ideal soothing music for a baby should contain sharp noises or high pitches. It shouldn’t be stimulating. As a matter of fact, it should be the exact opposite.

Hypnotic Music
This type of music isn’t meant to hypnotize your child. Instead, it’s intended to help him/her calm down. Hypnotic music has and is being used for meditation up to date. It will, therefore, give your child the desired calming effects whether it’s at night or in the afternoon.

Play the Music All-Night Long

When purchasing soothing music for your child, it should be a bit long. Or rather you can put it on repeat mode. The music should be played all night long so that when your baby suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night, he/she will be soothed once more with the music and will directly go back to sleep. It will help your child adopt a proper sleep cycle with none or minimal interruptions. This will, in turn, give you an opportunity to rest and also enjoy some good night sleep. As long as your child familiarizes him/herself with the track, then they will always go back to sleep when they wake up.

The Cure for Nightmares

Secondly, if your child is scared of nightmares or sleeping alone, then music can be a great companion. It will help drown away the fears, and your child will sleep safe and sound. Nightmares are a big problem, especially for older kids. Music can help take away such worries. Moreover, if your kid is afraid of thunderstorms, music can also help.

An Ideal Travelling Companion

As much as traveling is a hobby for adults that is not the same for kids. When a child finds him/herself in a new environment, they often become afraid, and this can lead to lots and lots of crying and fussing. You can, however, get our child some baby headphones and play him music that he/she is familiar with. Even though the child will be unfamiliar with the place, the music will help him/her feel at home. This way, you as a parent will have the opportunity to focus on other things during your journey such as driving. Moreover, the baby headphones will keep the baby busy all through the journey. If your child is easily irritated by noises, then baby earmuffs are a great way of keeping the noise at bay. He/she won’t hear the hooting and revving of cars when traveling. Your baby will also enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

It Keeps Your Baby Happy At All Times

Everyone loves a happy baby, and if your baby is crying at all times, then you can’t focus on other activities. Music has proven to be beneficial to babies even during periods such as teething and even when they are ill. Babies are generally born with a potential to become musical. You can notice this when you sing for your baby. You will notice him/her smiling or nodding his/her head in agreement. It’s not only a fun way for you to interact with your child, but music also has a way of impacting your child with language skills.

One day he/she may surprise you with a hymn of a song that you always listen to.
Babies learn to produce sound first before they learn how to talk. Listening to music will change his focus from crying to learning and coming up with new sounds. For instance, that “ta ta ta” sound he/she is always making could be a tune of one of the songs you listen. As a matter of fact, that could even be his favorite line.

Tired of Being Sleep Deprived? Come up with a Playlist for Your Baby

If you are reading this post, then you are likely tired of having to wake up in the middle of the night and soothing your baby to sleep. As much as we love our kids, the “parenting” process can be a bit difficult especially for the parents of infants. As you can see above, music is excellent in soothing your baby to sleep at any time. Moreover, it’s great for keeping your child busy so that you can finish your tasks.

It’s high time you get your child some baby headphones and create a playlist for him or her. On the other hand, if your baby likes it quiet, then baby earmuffs are the way to go. You won’t have to worry about your baby crying anymore. Having the two is also quite advantageous because you can switch them depending on the environment and the current situation. Babies are marvelous. If you play him/her a great song, they will definitely turn their attention to the beats or the voice of the singer.
Some ideal songs you should add to your baby’s playlist include;
• Rock a Bye baby
• Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
• You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
• Hush little baby

The above are some of the famous baby lullabies of all time. They were sung to our parents, to us and now it’s time for you to sing them to your child. Do some research and create an awesome playlist for your loving daughter or son today.

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