The Best Hush Hat For Babies Guide

Welcome to our Hush Hat Guide! We will discuss some common questions about Hush Hats before posting some of our top picks. If you are interested in more conventional baby earmuffs we recommend The Best Baby Banz Headphones


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What Is A Hush Hat?

A Hush Hat, pictured above, is almost like a little beanie made to protect your baby from loud sounds. It uses sound absorbing technology to make sure only the ambient sounds you want your baby to hear make it to their ears. It envelops the head snugly, providing a warm, quiet and safe environment inside the Hush Hat for your baby. Hush Hats are not quite as powerful as baby headphones in terms of noise reduction. That leads us to an important question.

Why A Hush Hat? Why Not Baby Headphones?

It is true that a Hush Hat may not be quite as protective as a set of baby earmuffs.  We need to keep in mind that not every experience requires maximum protection when looking at Hush Hats.

Perhaps your baby has special needs and you’d like an alternative to them wearing headphones everywhere. A Hush Hat may be an ideal way to change up their style. Not to mention it can sometimes be easier to match a Hush Hat to an outfit.

Is A Hush Hat One Size Fits All?

NO! These hats are not one size fits all. It comes in four sizes. It is up to you to determine whether small, medium, large, or extra large is right for your Hush Hat needs. Some users have noted that the hats run small. As when making any purchase online make sure you are buying from a reputable vendor you can return the product to if needed.

What Are The Ideal Uses For A Hush Hat?

While a Hush Hat isn’t ideal for loud events such as concerts it still has many practical uses. Many of us are pet lovers and while cats may be fairly silent, dogs and birds are a different story and a Hush Hat is ideal for nap time. Maybe you live in a loud neighborhood or near train tracks, also great uses for a Hush Hat. Some children act out in public. Often this is simply due to over stimulation. A Hush Hat can be an ideal way to keep your baby feeling safe in crowded places.

As you can see there are many great uses for a Hush Hat.

What Uses Are Not Ideal For A Hush Hat?

If you are going to a very loud concert it is probably a good idea to take a look at Our Favorite Baby Noise Canceling Headphones.

While a Hush Hat may be great for certain sporting events such as a baseball game, it wouldn’t be ideal for something louder like football. Your baby may become overwhelmed in this scenario and that is the last thing anyone wants to see. Always check the noise reduction rating of products before deciding if a use is appropriate.

How Long Can A Hush Hat Be Worn?

As with any baby product we recommend you keep an eye on your baby when first using a noise reducing hat. A properly fitting hat can be worn safely for most of the day, but we would recommend breaks every so often just to be on the safe side. Always read product specifications regarding child safety and use according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

What Age Is The Hush Hat Intended For?

The hats come in 4 sizes and are for ages 0-2 years old. Some have found the hat runs a bit small and recommend sizing up. Always make sure you are buying from a vendor you can return your product to if it isn’t sized properly. You can roughly estimate a size for every 6 months but always take your individual baby into account.

Our Favorite Hush Hat Designs

Well, here it is everyone, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Our favorite products.

Floral Hush Hat1) Hush Baby Hat with SoftSound Technology and Medical Grade Sound Absorbing Foam, Purple Poppy/Medium – Hush Hat On Amazon

This hat is white with cute floral patterns adorning it. It may be a little bit busy and hard to match to an outfit. However, if you take the take to dress your baby up in the right duds we think this is an adorable choice.

Train Hush Hat 2) Hush Baby Hat with Softsound Technology and Medical Grade Sound Absorbing Foam, Trains, Black – Hush Hat On Amazon

All aboard the nap train! This is an adorable hat with train patterning for your little conductor of cuteness. It’s not going to be hard for your little one to look good rocking this black and white baby hat.

Plane Hush Hat 3) Hush Baby Hat with Softsound Technology and Medical Grade Sound Absorbing Foam, Planes, Light Green – Hush Hat On Amazon

Your baby can sleep in the clouds like the little aviator he or she is with this cute plane patterned hat. The light coloring with be a great match with most outfits in the baby blue shade but we think it can work with almost anything.

Pearl Hush Hat 4) Hush Baby Hat with Softsound Technology and Medical Grade Sound Absorbing Foam, Pearl Natural White/Medium – Hush Hat On Amazon

You really can’t go wrong with solid white. It’s old school and classic at the same time and goes with almost any outfit. You may have some trouble keeping it clean, however, so we recommend keeping an eye on your little one. Alternatively, make sure to take the Hat off in any messy situation…as long as it’s safe for your baby that is!

Pink Ribbon Hush Hat 5) Hush Baby Hat with Softsound Technology and Medical Grade Sound Absorbing Foam, Merci Bow Coup – Hush Hat On Amazon

Last but not least on our list is this cute pink addition covered in bows. It will make any little girl into a princess and matches most baby girls attire. Not to mention pink is making a come back with boys making this design gender neutral.