Fisher-Price Jumperoo vs Baby Einstein Jumperoo Battle!



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Hi everyone, welcome to our battle of the baby brands! Today we will be looking at two incredible jumperoo. However, that isn’t where the fun ends. We will be putting two of the best brands head to head where only one product can truly emerge victoriously.

Fischer-Price Rainforest Jumperoo vs Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper, who will win this battle of land vs sea? Let’s talk about each product a bit individually before pitting them head to head in our battle of jumperoo supremacy.

Competitor A: Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper – Baby Einstein Jumperoo – Click To View On Amazon 

In this corner, we have the jumperoo branded with the name of the genius himself…Baby Einstein! The crowd is going wild!

This Baby Einstein jumperoo allows for up and down movement. That means your baby should not be able to go side to side very much at all. This has positives and drawbacks but we think it just means your little one will be safe from excessive shaking!

With four adjustable heights, it makes a great fit for most babies and will grow with them. Any toy that ages with your child gets a definite plus in our book.

As far as entertainment goes this jumper comes with 15 nautical themed activities built in a 360-degree design. This jumper is incredibly interactive with three built-in languages to learn the basics of as well as number recognition activities.

Overall Baby Einstein lives up to their name with a great learning device disguised as a jumper!

Competitor B: Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo – Click To View On Amazon

In this corner, we have the reigning champion and one of the biggest names in toys! If you don’t know the name learn it! Fischer-Price!

You could probably guess the Fischer-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is well…rainforest based. The design really immerses your child in the wonders of nature with adorable frogs and birds.

The main draw of this product is that it rewards your baby for being active. How? With LED lights and by playing music when your baby jumps. It sort of teaches that you will be rewarded for doing the right thing. Both activities require batteries.

The movement on this jumper is up and down but it seems to provide more side movement. This is a positive for a jumperoo that encourages movement so much through rewards.

It has a few built-in activities such as the soft toy bar and woodland creature spinners.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo vs Baby Einstein Neptunes Ocean Discovery Jumper – The Battle!

In round one we have movement. Baby Einstein allows for up and down as well as 360-degree movement. Fisher-Price allows up and down and some side to side.

Winner: Baby Einstein

In round two we have activities. Fisher Price does a solid job making their jumperoo one big musical activity. Baby Einstein, on the other hand, does the same but in a more educational way.

Winner: Baby Einstein

In our final round, we have design appeal. Fisher-Price would really need a knockout here to win. It’s just not happening though. Not to take anything away from the Fisher-Price Rainforest jumperoo, we love it. It’s just that Baby Einstein has managed to immerse your child in a believable underwater world.

Winner And Overall Winner: Baby Einstein!

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