Infant Ear Protection: Dr. Meter Headphones

Today we will be looking at a lesser-known name in the infant ear protection market. The name is Dr. Meter, but is it one worth remembering for parents out there? That will be the question we tackle in this post. By the end of this post, you should have an idea if Dr. Meter infant hearing protection headphones are a good fit for your baby.


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We will start with a refresher on baby hearing protection and follow that up with our overview of the Dr. Meter infant earmuffs.

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Importance Of Infant Ear Protection

Infant Hearing

Our hearing is something that many people often take for granted. This is partially due to the fact we have had it as long as we can remember. The things we’ve had the longest often go underappreciated in life and our senses are no different. This is probably the reason many parents never give infant hearing protection a thought, let alone a second. Here are a few of the ways our ears impact daily life you may not have known about. If you do know all these things, pat yourself on the back because you’re an ear expert.

  • Balance: Though hearing loss itself doesn’t necessarily mean you will balance, the two can be related as they rely on our ears. If the proper systems in your ears aren’t working correctly your body won’t be able to properly balance itself. This is a subject that requires immense professional knowledge. We’d like to direct you to Inner Ear And Balance by Mayo Clinic.
  • Communication: To some parents, this may sound silly. Who communicates with their ears? Well in order to properly learn speech a baby needs to be able to hear and imitate the sounds around him or her. Though there are certainly other methods of communication, such as reading and writing, speech is certainly a benefit you wouldn’t want to throw away. By now we think you’re seeing how important infant ear protection is.
  • Education: While there is certainly more than one way to learn, the easiest is teaching using speech. A child who can’t hear information certainly won’t be able to retain it. Sometimes a baby is born with hearing trouble, but if your baby is lucky enough to be healthy you shouldn’t jeopardize their education by harming their eardrums.

Ways To Protect Infant Hearing

.So now you know why our ears are important. That may leave you wondering about the various ways you can give your infant hearing protection, here are a few ideas.

Baby Hearing Protection

  • Baby Earmuffs Or A Hush HatSustained noise over about 80db can be harmful to an infant. That is about the sound level of an alarm clock so either a pair of earmuffs or a hush hat can be a great way to block out excess noise.
  • Avoid Loud Areas: Be careful to avoid noisy situations when unprotected. These may include but certainly aren’t limited to some of the following. Large firework displays, heavy fast moving traffic, construction areas, sporting events and some loud household appliances. For instance, never position your baby near an active hair dryer.
  • Use Age Appropriate HeadphonesAdult headphones are not suited for children and can cause serious damage. Baby headphones are made with volume limiters to prevent a child from accidentally hurting themselves increasing the volume. There is no reason to be unsafe with such a wide variety of products on the market.

Dr. Meter Headphone Overview – Click To View Headphones On Amazon

Now that we have discussed the importance of infant ear protection, let’s talk about Dr. Meter brand infant earmuffs. We will discuss the following merits to form a conclusion.

  1. Infant Ear Protection
  2. Features
  3. Comfort
  4. Brand Information

Infant Ear Protection Rating: How To Determine DB Protection

If you aren’t one for in-depth explanations you may want to hear these headphones have an NRR of 27 then immediately skip down to our second point. However, if you’re interested in finding out what an NRR really is and what it means just stick around.

If you’re like most people you may be doing your math something like the following. You are going to an event you know is rated right around 100 DB. Your infant headphones have a reduction rating of 25db – you figure with the headphones on the DB rating will be reduced down to 75db and the math seems solid, right? WRONG! There is actually a very simple equation to determine the new noise level.

First, you will need to find out the DB rating of your earmuffs. This should be the easiest product information you will find as most brands are proud to display this rating.

Second, you will need to subtract the number 7 from the rating. So sticking to the original example, you would take 25 and subtract 7. This would leave us with the number 18.

Third, take the number you came up with and cut it in half, dividing by 2. So let’s take our number, 18 and divide by 2 leaving us with 9.

Lastly, we will take the final number and subtract it from our event. So you see an event with a 100db rating would be reduced to 91 in this example

Features Of Dr. Meter Headphones

Dr Meter Infant Ear Protection

  • Adjustable Headband: You’ll definitely want a pair of earmuffs that can grow with your baby. Parents know that children growing up quickly isn’t just an expression. The cost of clothes alone as an infant grows can really add up. If you aren’t buying earmuffs for a one time use this is a great feature.
  •  Ear Cushion Padding: Dr. Meter has made it a point to use soft and comfortable padding on their infant headphones.  Padding is important so that your baby doesn’t feel pinching or discomfort on their head.
  • Portability: Due to its compact foldup design, Dr. Meter headphones are highly portable. Weighing in at about 3 pounds these headphones aren’t a hassle to carry around when folded.
  • Cleaning: Unfortunately we feel it falls a bit short in this category. Only the earpads can be cleaned using light soap and water, making sure to follow the care instructions given by the manufacturer.


As mentioned earlier these infant earmuffs are adjustable. Always make sure the fit around the ear is proper without being too tight. If your baby looks fussy or uncomfortable, make sure to check the headband is fitted properly. Also, make sure to adjust the fit as your infant grows, every parent knows what fit yesterday may not fit today.

Also mentioned earlier, the earmuffs are padded to ensure a snug pinch-free fit. The soft padding should make the Dr. Meter headphones for babies comfortable to wear when fitted properly.

Information On Dr. Meter

The brand seems to specialize in products such as scales, meters, air pumps, and so forth. The headphones being reviewed seem to be their only piece of hearing safety equipment available, though it does come in three colors.

Judging by online reviews, customers seem to be happy with the products that Dr. Meter offers. While not a huge presence in this particular industry, Dr. Meter brings quality products to the table.

Conclusion On Dr. Meter Infant Hearing Protection Headphones

As far as headphones for infant ear protection go, Dr. Meter seems to have a quality product worth taking a look at. It’s 27NRR is right around the average for the industry though certainly not the highest.

The design is fairly simple yet appealing and offers color choices to match your infants’ style. Comfort was kept in mind and achieved. Overall there are really no huge negatives we can point out about these headphones. We feel you should give Dr. Meter a look for your infant ear protection needs.

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