Top 5 Cutest Baby Headphones

Everyone wants to dress their little one  up in the latest fashion and now thanks to the baby headphones on our list you can take their adorable rating to a whole new level.


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Baby Headphones1) iClever Kids Headphones Cat Inspired – Baby Headphones On Amazon

Let’s be honest. Everyone loves cats these days and small children adore them. They are on the filters options when taking photos, commercials, comics, movies, and endless other media. That is why we find these headphones so darn adorable. These children’s headphones limit volume output to a maximum of 85db and feature an adjustable headband grow with your child.  These headphones are recommended for children between the ages of 3 and 12. We really lo

Baby Headphones   2) Bear Ear Headphone Headset – Baby Headphones On Amazon

It’s quickly become a battle of the animals for cute supremacy in the baby headphone category. These headphones feature an absolutely adorable bear design that will have your child looking sweeter than honey. Coming only in pink they are marketed towards both sexes but seem more of a fit for your little princess than your prince.

These baby headphones feature an LED glow while being worn to add a little extra pizazz to the equation. Featuring volume control and compatibility with almost all media devices (you can view product specifics by clicking the link and heading to the Amazon page) this is a great choice for children who are starting to become more interested in music.

One small complaint by customers is they do run a tiny bit large. However, since they are adjustable we advise you do your own research and read as many reviews as possible.

Baby Headphones   3) Children Music Headband, Mr.Jason Comfortable Volume-Limited Soft Fleece Music Headband Goggles for Kids – Baby Headphones On Amazon

It’s really hard to tell what is going to be cuter, your baby or the adorable penguin on this music headband. This headband actually comes in two styles, a blue penguin and a pink rabbit giving you double the choices in one quality product.

The earpads are removable for washing and the product has a volume limiter to help avoid any potential injury to your child’s eardrum. Another great feature is the headband can be pulled over the eyes to help sleep.

One complaint we have seen about this product is that its not durable long term. Then again around a small child, most things don’t really last. We encourage you to do your own research before purchasing.

Baby Headphones  4) CozyPhones Kids Headphones Volume Limited with Ultra-Thin Speakers – Baby Heaphones On Amazon

The second bear on our cutest baby headphones list and also the second headband on our list. This is one of the few truly unisex products on the market that is perfect for your little panda.

These are also DB limited, topping out at 90db, but this is a little bit over the standard 85db found in most baby headphones. For that reason, we recommend this product for children a little older than the other products mentioned. This may not be a huge difference but better safe than sorry when concerning a child’s safety. Not to mention some have noticed the fit is very snug (in a bad way) for younger children and babies.

 Baby Headphones  5) Satauko Kids headphones – Baby Headphones On Amazon

What would our list be without a mythical creature? Even the kid modeling these headphones in the photo gives them two thumbs and a horn up. They are blue but will look great on boys or girls making it a perfect gift for the unicorn lover in need of baby headphones.

This Satauko product is top of the line with solid durability, an 85db volume limiter and unlike other additions to our list comes with a built-in microphone. It is compatible with iPad as well to help keep your little one entertained.


We hope you enjoyed these cute baby headphones meant for music. If you stumbled here looking for baby earmuffs we recommend our other post The Top 5 Baby Earmuffs For Noise-Canceling.   

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